Here we buy all of our dog foods



Every man's fright... ;o)) Karsten is a super jeweller.

Gitte og Lise sells the most wonderful and highly addictive wooden jackets with matching silk wests that can be
used for everyday use or when you are active with your dogs ;o)


Super nice place to swinn your dogs. All my girls swims at least once a week during the winter and Freja uses their water XXXXX.


Link to Tango, the father of the first litter for Kennel Coco Loco on Freja.


Link to Wilson - the father of the second and last litter for Kennel Coco Loco on Freja.

Carpenny Scenario
Link to Rio - owned by John who has been a fantastic help regarding breeding Freja.



Biggas Ynga

Link to an article about Triple Champion Biggas Ynga.




J.W. Verhaag
Link to a series of some very well written articles about genetic and breeding.





Link to Kennel Melicmark who has both sires to our future offspring.