The puppies
Today the puppies was given their first tast of solid food followed by a "full bath" from mom and some fresh milk - what a life ;o)))

The puppies
Fresh pictures from the puppie box - they are starting to move very fast around dinner time ;o)

Our 3 girls
This years harvest has finally begun - the girls have waited for this day for a long time -

fields to play on and mouse hunting.....!!!

Bomba and her puppies
The "Honeybears" are just growing and growing - it must not be skimmilk Bomba has in her breast ;o)

Bomba and her puppies

Bomba with her 8 wonderful puppies - She has given birth to 6 big boys and 3 lovely girls -

unfortunately we lost one of the girls so mom and her 8 puppies are enjoying life in the puppiebox and everyone is doing great

Thanks so much Bolette for accepting my idea for breeding - it looks like it has paied of... ;o)) .

Bomba 21 hours before giving birth to 9 puppies.

Bomba - around one week left of her pregnancy :o)



                                               Maria and BombaMaria and Bomba

                    Maria and BombaMaria and Bomba
                                             When you are pregnant you need a lot of extra love and attention - especially when your name is Bomba...... ;o)




Bomba as we best know her - on her back in bed with her 4WD up and open mouth ;o))))


Dinny and the girls
Dinny and her 2 lovely girls came around for a bit of fun.......


Pigerne i firspring
The girls having fun.....
Pigerne i skoven
A bit warm after our play...


Freja would have loved to bath but is now looking at the frosen river


A beautiful and attentive Freja!!


A cold winter picture with Freja in the back ground


The river we photographed in May - now all frosen...


Freja and Maria together in the snow

Freja and Brian in the beautiful winter landscape

Freja and Mingus under "attack" from Bomba...... ;o))

Alberte in a deep sleep in the basket....


Where is the kitten?? ;o)







Freja with her 10 surviving puppies....

Can you find all 10 puppies?? ;o)




The highly pregnant Freja!!

Freja is 60 days pregnant and the picture is taken 14 hours before her birth of 11 puppies...!!


Hunting for mouse on the field.

                                       Puu the belly is just so large and hanging now...


It will be nice to get rigde of the huge belly...!!





Fantastic Bomba.......!!!



         Først fandt vi to moderløse killinger på vores høloft og Bomba har taget dem til sig....          Når de har fået deres mælkeerstatning, får de tryghed hos "mor" Bomba.....


        Så fandt vi sørme en 3. moderløs killing, så nu har Bomba poterne fulde med at trøste...     Eneste problem er, at hun gerne vil slikke dem hele tiden, så de bliver lidt for våde...


Bomba has always been a fantastic girl with the most loving character ever and she is highly love by everyone for it ;o))




A bit difficult to see that it actually is a Champion bitch..... 3,5 and 7 weeks pregnant !!





Freja's puppies on their 1 year birthday - One is missing CC. Premium Dark Chocolate.


The game is called "catch Alberte" ;o)) Difficult to see all 5 dogs...!


A true waterlover can "bath" everywhere.....


Lunch.... barbacue in the yard...


Barbacue in the yard.. we where so luckly with the weather...





Sweety and my girls visiting her dad Tango..





When Sweety is around there is a bit crowdy in the basket in the XXXX


Feeding time...... Freja with her 10 wonders ;o)


Watch out!!


Mums - food!!!


Got tired ....



Afternoon the puppy box


Puha, have to stay close to keep warm.....


One week left - hope the belly doesn't burst!!






Ready to go out....

Bo (orange leach) gives commands


Is there any birds???


Bomba and I are looking for a bird - does it fall??


Brian out walking the girls...


Magnus & his favorit girls....


Our 3 girls at the beach