October 13th 2009 at 17.16 pm we lost our beloved Freja after a night with acute sickness and thereafter

fight for saving her life - unfortunately without any luck.


Freja s my one and all and best companion - always following me as a shadow and the loss of her leaves a huge

gap in my heart that will never be filled by any other dog.


We had originally decided to stop our work with the dogs due to the loss of Freja but the now late Dinny Lund, who

fully understod our loss and grief wanted us to keep our kennelname and continue with our training and working of

dogs so in her memory we will start up again at some point.



Freja Dinny
Freja 22.07.2004 - 13.10.2009 Dinny 11.08.1939 - 27.11.2009


antal besøgende siden 26.02.2007

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